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QMac 2020 - Hugely incorrect stock quote download

I have shares in Apple (APPL) held in an investment account. Yesterday (Sunday), the portfolio view for that account showed a sizable negative drop in value, with APPL quoted at $223.97. That's a bogus data point. APPL closed at $267 on Friday. This morning (Monday), Quicken has refreshed the quotes, and APPL is back to $264. Quicken displays a Price Day Change of 18%, based on the erroneous data it captured yesterday.

I've looked briefly at the Price History table for some of my other equities, and don't see other aberrations in the prices downloaded yesterday.

I'm new to QMac 2020, having recently migrated from Q2007. I never saw glitches like this in Q2007. Are these kinds of download errors common in the 'new and improved' Quicken?


  • drcuddydrcuddy Member ✭✭
    I've just migrated from Q2007 for Mac to "Quicken 2020 for Mac". Build 5.13.3.
    After letting it migrate the old Q2007 data file, I've found a lot of errors and inconsistencies.
    One problem is that erroneous quote values were created for most (possibly all) of my equities. These bad entries are dated yesterday (12/1/19), the day of the conversion. Some of the quote are way off. For example, Quicken showed that Apple closed at $224 yesterday. The close on Friday was around $265.

    This bug seems systemic - I haven't yet verified the price history for all of the equities in my accounts, but it appears that Quicken has 'invented' bogus data points (dated 12/1/19) by pulling data from the past. In one case, I've determined that the price it shows for Dec1 came from Sept 30, 2019 (a value that I manually entered from the quarterly fund statement).

    So bug #1 - Quicken is generating bad data for quotes when migrating from Q2007 (and perhaps elsewhere)

    Bug #2 is I can't delete the bad 12/1/19 entry if the bad data point is in the top row of the table. I can control-click on other entries (rows 2 and below) and the delete option appears, but control-clicking on the first row in the Price History table is a no-op.
  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    As for deleting, you should be able to select the errant price history and hit delete (or control click/delete). I am not having problems with it in 5.13. (nor have I seen any posts with people complaining about it.

    Without examining the data, it is hard to come up with a reason of the bad prices. Exchange traded prices (Mac/Win) all use the same backend for getting price quotes, but manually entered ones (such as what it sounds like here) will take the price from your entered transactions. I have fat fingered some buy transactions and thrown the price history off, but since you just converted, I don't suspect that is the issue.

    While it could be the newer version of Quicken (and bugs as you mention), but don't rule out corruption in your 2007 file carrying over. That file was somewhat temperamental. I tend to suggest that people reindex their file before attempting a conversion.

    In the Security list window, there is a Rebuild History option under the popup. I have never had to use it, so I don't know what results you will have. Make a backup of your data file before trying.
  • drcuddydrcuddy Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Thanks for replying.

    I've done some more research and determined that the issue with the bad quotes I described is a) widespread and b) due to fat-fingers. But not my fat fingers -- it's a coding bug by Quicken developers!

    From what I can tell, the erroneous quotes (all dated 12/1/2019) did not get downloaded from their quote server. Instead, they got pulled from past transactions in the Q2007 datafile, and then mis-dated.

    Today I examined the price histories for all of my equities. Almost all have a bad quote dated 12/1/2019. (they're easy to find: yesterday was a Sunday, when the markets were closed). My Q2007 program correctly displays the equity prices going way back in time, so the problem is not due to corruption there. Rather the migration process from Q2007 to Q2020 created spurious quotes dated 12/1/2019, using values from weeks or months past. I've tracked down the source of 4 of the bad prices I found displayed in Q2020 - they came from values that I had manually entered into Q2007 in October. I specified the date as 9/30/2019 when I entered them, as they came off the Sept month-end statement. Q2020 got confused and created quote entries dated 12/1/2019, using values from the 9/30/2019 data entry.

    Note that my Q2007 data file contains no stock quote data for 12/1/2019. The Quicken download server (still being run by Intuit, apparently) was shutdown a few weeks ago. That's partly why I decided to give Q2020 a try.

    As for cleaning out the bogus values, bug #2 that I described is rock solid. If I select a bad 12/1/2019 entry and control-click, nothing happens (the drop-down menu does not appear). But ONLY if it's on the first row in the price history table. Control-clicking works on all other rows.

    However, thanks your tip about hitting Delete, I tried that. (it's not at all evident that the Delete key works in that context. Note that up in the Transactions menu, the Delete command and keyboard shortcut are grayed out). I found that Delete will disappear the first entry in the Price History table, even though control-click does not.

    Now that I know how to delete all the bogus 12/1/2019 values that Q2020 invented, I can clean up the data. Before doing so, I might try the Rebuild History option and see what happens. Alas, getting these spurious datapoints removed is the least of my worries. A much bigger issue is that Q2020 has significantly corrupted the ACBs for many of my equities. I have to get to the bottom of that before deciding to abandon Q2007.

    Thanks again for the tip about using the Delete key:-)
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