Bill Pay Reminder Dialog Boxes


I have several reminders set up to transfer cash from my savings account to my checking account in order to pay different bills. The transfers are for different bills and in different amounts, but often when I try and enter one, it comes up with several dialog boxes asking me if this the transfer from some other date - often 5 or 6 in a row. I'm finding this very annoying. I imagine that I can get around it by uniquely naming each reminder (Checking - Mortgage say), but would prefer not to do that. Is there any other way to prevent these dialog boxes from coming up for payments that are not late or skipped?




  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Quicken is focused on Payee Names when it comes to memorizing transactions. Distinct Payee Names are definitely better than using the same Payee Name for multiple different purposes (e.g., "Transfer to Checking (for Mortgage)", "Transfer to Checking (for Auto Insurance)", etc.
    By the way, how are you entering these transfer transactions? Are you beginning to type a new transaction directly from the new transaction line? Or are you using the Bill & Income Reminders dialog or tab to select the appropriate reminder? I'd recommend the latter.
  • PeterPeter Member ✭✭
    Hi UKR,

    Great info. Just to clarify, the context is entirely within Bill Reminders. I will have a reminder for a transfer from Savings to Checking scheduled on a date, but to be manually entered. When I double click the reminder to enter it, I get a dialog box that says something like "Is this the transaction .... from (some date)?" and often many of them. I have to hit "No" repeatedly to eventually enter the transaction that I intended. I don't believe that memorized transactions are involved. I'm trying to find a way to avoid the dialog boxes.


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