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I'm having a problem improving my connection with Chase from web connect (which I've been using) to direct connect. I've set up my direct connect account with Chase. My Chase account info shows that I'm set up for direct connect. I even called Chase to make sure it's all good (after I ran into problems with Q) and they confirm that I'm properly set up for direct connect. My problem is when I try to edit my Chase account to improve from web connect to direct connect, I get this error message saying Q can't connect to Chase:


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    Did you go to the Chase website (as instructed), go to Messages there and verify your identity through an activation code that is provided there?

    Chase values your security.  Every time your account is accessed via a new computer or via a new download venue Chase will REQUIRE that you go to their website and verify it.  It's a one time thing, so once you get Quicken set up for Direct Connect you won't need to keep verifying...but you MUST go through that set up step in the Chase website to get this to work. 
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    Yes I did. I thought everything went fine. My Chase account shows I have Direct Connect. My problem SEEMS to me to be Q related, but I don't know how to proceed from here to get direct connect set up correctly in Q.
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    You need to go to, then Messages.

    You should see a recent message:

    Click on the "confirm your identity now" and you should get this:

    All you need to do is click "Next' in the blue box.  (Prefilled ID Code partially redacted for security).

    Have you actually gone through that process?

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    Well, yes and no. I went to Secure Messages and got the message shown first above. I clicked on the "confirm your identity now" link. I don't remember exactly what I got then, but I don't think I got the page shown on your second image. I was confused by not having received a verification code. I checked my phone for a text, checked my email, checked Q and never found a verification code anywhere. That's when I called Chase. I spoke with a guy in tech support and he said he could help. He seemed to know right away what was going on. He had me go to my Chase profile settings and click on AccountSafe. I don't remember exactly what happened then, but I got acknowledgement that my account was set up for Direct Connect.

    He told me everything was all set, and I should go to Q and complete the online account download setup. That's when I got the Q error message attached to my initial post.
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    BTW, I tried to insert my image into the text, but it just shows as a link at the bottom of my post. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do right?
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    shelquis said:
    BTW, I tried to insert my image into the text, but it just shows as a link at the bottom of my post. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do right?
    To insert images directly into a post, as chitownhockey did, you need a bit more time and experience here. It's a forum status/setting matter.
    For the mean time, use the "paperclip with a folded corner" icon as you've been doing.
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    Well, it looks like you're connected on the Chase end for Quicken.  So...the question bodes what is going on with your Quicken setup for Chase via Direct Connect.  

    What version of Quicken are you using?  Year, product and release number.  

    Do you have a current Quicken account for Chase with transactions already in Quicken?  If so, did you deactivate the account from downloads, then reactivate it for downloads, select "Chase" as the financial institution, select Direct Connect and then "LINK" (do NOT "Add") the account?  

    Let me know that answers to all those questions. 
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    Well chitownhockey, thanks for all your time and effort. I'm guessing we're done here, but I want to fill you in on what I learned today. I learned that the error report attached to my first post was apparently caused by my trying to upgrade from Express Web Connect to Direct Connect. Express Web Connect seems to work just like Direct Connect, at least I don't see a difference so far. My misery started after I had gotten confirmation from Chase that my Chase account was properly set up for Direct Connect (but I'm not sure if he ever used those specific words, Direct Connect. At any rate, you'l notice in the attached Chase Account Details page from Q, that it says I have Express Web Connect but that an improved connection was available. It's when I try to set up that improved web connection, i.e. Direct Connect, that I got the error message. I realized this morning that the account had updated when I did a one step update, so I checked the Account Details page to see if the Direct Connection showed up, and NO, it hadn't. I still have Express Web Connect, and the info in the blue box still says there's an improved connection method available, but if I try to set up that improved method, I still generate the original error message. Hope that all made sense. I wish Q wouldn't have told me about an improved connection that apparently isn't available. Is there any advantage to Direct Connect over Express Web Connect that I should keep trying to get? Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks.

    BTW, the attached Chase Account Details page was snipped before I made the original post, and it still looks the same today.
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    I'm not sure the link to change download methods is a good link in Quicken.  Also, does Chase support your checking account to download via Direct Connect?  It may not.  I know Chase credit cards do, but checking accounts may not and you may be stuck with Express Web Connect.

    If it does support Direct Connect download for your Chase checking... 

    Did you deactivate the Chase account from downloads in Quicken?  And then reactivate the Chase account in Quicken for downloads...making sure to select Direct Connect as the connection method?  And then LINK that account to your current Chase account (as I mentioned, do NOT add the must link the account).  

    Direct Connect is a much more reliable download method than Express Web Connect.  It is a direct connection through Quicken to your Chase account.  Express Web Connect is a "screen scraper" type of download method, is accessed once a day (usually at night) and has the transactions actually stored on Quicken's servers.  If Chase changes its site, Express Web Connect may not download properly. 

    Direct Connect transactions are NOT stored on Quicken's servers.  

    The only issue you may experience is if you change from Express Web Connect to Direct Connect may result in duplicate transactions download the first download.  
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