Fidelity Cash Management account - How to Pay Bills?

Hi there - I just added a Fidelity Cash Management account along side my brokerage account. I have enabled "show cash in a checking account" and have the account "transaction download" sync'ing with Fidelity. What I don't have is the pull-down option to "Send Online Payment" when paying bills in the checking account register. Is the only way get this by adding "Quicken Bill Pay" (under Account Details > Online Services)?

My previous checking account (B of A) offered their own "native" online payment that worked with Quicken. Has anyone figured out if Fidelity can pay bills "native" with Quicken ... and if not, is there any downside with using "Quicken Bill Pay" with a Fidelity Cash Management account? (i see the cost of "Quicken Bill Pay" is included with my annual Quicken subscription)

Thank you!


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    Fidelity doesn't offer BillPay from within Q ... you need to go to Fidelity's website to initiate the transaction.
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