Wrong amount for Total Market Value

I have an investment account that shows the wrong Total Market Value. If you take the number of shares and multiply by the price, the number you get is not the one that displays. There is no cash balance, so that's not it. In the Account Overview box, the Holdings shows all the correct info, including correct math. But below that, in the same box, the Security Value and Total Market Value are $266.93 higher than the correct amount. This, and a bunch of other problems, all seem to have started with the most recently pushed patch (R23.17, Build


  • NotACPA
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    What price are you using for that multiplication?  Have you looked in the Security List to see what price Q has?  TOOLS, Security List, double click on the security name and click UPDATE, Edit Price History.
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    If the number of shares is right you might have a price dated in the future or a wrong price listed for the current date. Edit the price history to check. Or even a transaction dated in the future.

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