I cannot find the loan in the pull down menu in my check register to pay my loan. I have 2017 versio

In my check register i try to make a payment to the auto loan that is set up in Quicken as a 't debt, however it doesn't show up in the category pull down menu. Help


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    Because a Loan Payment is a TRANSFER, from your checking account to the Loan account.
    The Interest component of the payment is an Expense (with a category), but the principal payment doesn't have a category.
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    even if I make it a payment and not a transfer, it still does not show up in any pull down menu
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    > "the auto loan that is set up in Quicken as a 't debt,"
    What does that mean?
    Is the loan account marked hidden (or, shudder, closed)? Go to Tools / Manage Hidden Accounts and take a look at the "Hide ..." settings.
    Has the loan account been correctly set up in Quicken as a loan? And if so, have you created a Scheduled Reminder for the monthly payment transfers from your checking account?

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