Option to add/not add new accounts to custom portfolio

I have Custom Views set up in Portfolio. When adding new investment accounts, they are automatically added to all of them. That is, they're automatically checked in the Accounts tab of Customize Current View. Since I've set specific accounts for a View, I don't expect others to be added in the background. It throws off the total value of a custom view which means checking each security until I find the one that's off. Having found added accounts a few times now, I might remember this going forward.

However, when opening a Custom View, it would be helpful to have a popup asking whether to add the accounts or not. This would be similar to when opening a report after new securities have been added.
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  • q_lurkerq_lurker SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    You are talking about customized portfolio views.  For a similar request dealing with saved (customized) reports, see this idea:
    It would seem the same strategy or approach might apply in both areas. 

    When a new account is added, for previously customized views/reports/presentations the program should:
    • maintain the prior customization
    • prompt the user for direction
    • automatically add the new accounts to the prior customization
    Does the prior selection matter?  If the prior selection was All Accounts, does a new account automatically get added?  If the prior selection was all banking accounts and you add a property account, what is the choice?  How do hidden, closed, or separate accounts impact the strategy?

    That then begs the question - what about other areas?  Investment allocation, tax planning,  budgeting, others?  IMO, Quicken should identify the broad overall strategy (maybe they have) and then implement or adopt that in all applicable areas of the program.  Such implementation might need to take place in stages.

    I am not trying to argue against or belittle your idea.  But the proper implementation never seems to be as easy as it might first appear.
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