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When companies merge or change names they change their ticker symbol. This happened today with BBT->TFC.

Brokerages commonly download a removal of eg, BBT and an add of TFC shares. It is straight forward how to migrate the historic share price of BBT into the new TFC entry, but I was unable to find how to also merge the income history.

 I could 'find' all the divx entries for BBT but Quicken would not allow me to group edit all those entries to TFC. I finally did each individually. After the tedium all the numbers were correct, merging the BBT labelled income history into TFC. Either I do not know how to do group edits or Quicken will not allow such group editing.

 There should be an easy way to merge old to new name/ticker data. If I tried to just change the name to preserve the history Quicken or my brokerage would have kept presenting/downloading the remove-add change.

 A pointer to how to do would be appreciated, and if it really cannot be done please put it in the request queue since this is an increasing occurrence, and very long positions have very long data trails.

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    Corporate Acquistion:  New Company Truist (TFC) acquires BBT at 1:1 exchange ratio.  Personally, I tend to create the new security (TFC) first, then enter the Corporate Acquisition.  I never rely or use the brokerage downloads for this type of event.

    The Corporate Acquistion will first Remove Shares for all BBT holdings and then create for each lot of BBT that you held a new Add Shares of TFC reflecting proper share ratio (1:1 in this case).  The Add Shares transactions will include the original basis and acquisition date from each BBT lot. 

    When you do subsequently download from the brokerage, you will match their new TFC holding to the TFC holding you created in Quicken.    

    Rigorously speaking, it is neither necessary nor appropriate to change the historical dividend transactions to read as Truist dividends.  Truist and BBT are different companies.  To see the combined long-term performance of both companies you would need to customize a report to present that information (I am biased toward the Investment Performance Report).

    All that being said, another option is to Rename the security from BBT to Truist and to change the ticker from BBT to TFC.  You would also need to uncheck the box that the former BBT security was matched to an online security.  Those three steps will:
    • Change all historical transactions to read as the Truist security
    • Move the historical BBT pricing to the TFC ticker, and
    • Set it up so that when your download from brokerage comes in their TFC shares can be matched to your former-BBT/now-TFC shares.  
    That option is more what you were seeking.

    You are correct that there is no way to 'group edit' investment transactions.

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    Am I missing something or does your approach ignore the dividend history, which was the crux of my OP? I had no problem migrating BBT to TFC nor migrating the historic price. Including the dividend history is important for ROI. Or was that what you implied with 'change all historical transaction'? Just changing the symbol sometimes confuses the institutional download that keeps wanting to 'fix' it to its own expectations hence still a lot of manual tidy and clean-up to get it right.
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    My approach of using the Corporate Acquisition does not alter history.  BBT dividends remain BBT dividends and feed into the BBT ROI.  TFC is a different company and has no dividends to date.  It has its own ROI.  

    In that setup for longer term combined performance, I would be using an Investment Performance Report customized to those two companies over the time frame of interest.  Average Annual Return through that report is not the same as ROI principally because it is annualized rather than cumulative.  There can also be differences associated with more active trading (multiple buys and sells) situations.  For a 1-year period reflecting dividends and change in market value, the values should be comparable. 

    You can also customize a portfolio view that presents ROI to those two securities to get a combined effect.  I would double-check somehow the math that goes into that presentation.  (Meaning I myself have not confirmed such a combination does what I would expect.)

    My approach of using the Security rename, re-ticker, and re-match would permit you to get a single ROI value for the TFC security including when it was BBT and when it is now TFC.  

    Re-matching the security should address the institutional download that keeps wanting to 'fix' it.  

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