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Can I automatically assign a category based on the transaction's amount? [edited]

bwolffbwolff Member ✭✭
I have 4 transfers that down load with the "exact same payee name"
So naming rules will not work

However, what is different is that each amount is different, so I need to alter the categorization and tag based on the AMOUNT of the transaction instead of the name

Can this be done?

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  • bwolffbwolff Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Note: Not Payee, but by AMOUNT
    Sorry does not seem I can edit my post title
    [I edited it for you. - Rocket J Squirrel]
  • aposhianaposhian Member
    I have several different accounts paid from the same payee. Is there a way to distinguish the different categories in renaming rules?
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