Quicken datafile corruption regarding Mortgage Loan Account

I have a mortgage loan account with several years of payments registered on my mortgage. My mortgage is for 30 years starting June 1, 2006. The last payment should be May 2036. Up until recently, my mortgage entered automatically correctly, split into principal and interest, with the correct payoff date. However, the past couple months I noticed that it was not being split properly. When I looked at the loan details, the payoff date had become May 2037 - for no reason. I verified the loan terms were correct, the origination date correct, etc, but it was no longer calculating the payoff date correctly. In addition, there has been a problem with entering adjustable rates into the interest rate table for a while now. Each year when the interest rate is adjusted, I add an entry. Those entries are logged in the table and have an "edit" and "delete" button to the right. The past two years, the entries were put in place at the bottom of the table, but you can't edit or delete them once you enter them. Yesterday upon noticing the payoff date discrepancy, I started playing around with the terms, trying to get it back to the correct payoff date (May 2036). The calculations became even more out of whack. Finally, after putting in changing terms like 360 months instead of 30 years for example, it finally calculated that my payoff date was December 2019 and that my mortgage was paid off. (If only that was true.) The interest rate was set to 0%. Now, I can't change the interest rate at all from 0%. And when I look at the entries in the adjustable rate table, there have been four entries added at the bottom of the table, all with "Effective Date" of "00/00/1900", "Interest Rate" is "0%", and "Payment" is "0.00" and they cannot be removed. So it's totally screwed, saying my mortgage is paid off and I can't change any terms.

I am using the Subscription software with all updates, Quicken Premier R23.17. I opened the datafile on my laptop (different computer) copy of the software, same build, and the behavior is the same. I have validated and super validated with no change in behavior.

Any suggestions for how to fix this? Thanks.


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