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BoughtX/SellX Transaction Conversion Issues

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  • joanpech
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    Bug in conversion of BoughtX/SellX transactions from Quicken for Windows 2017 to Quicken for Mac subscription.
    The BoughtX/SellX transactions are not translated correctly on every cash transfer from a brokerage account (rather than a bank account) and subsequent purchase of money market fund. Through time the deposits from the brokerage account never show up resulting in a negative balance of many thousands of dollars. However all the bank account deposits do show up.

    Here is an example of a screw-up dated 09/08/95 for a brokerage account and one done correctly for a bank account dates 09/07/95
    Note that at the time (1995) all the transactions into Fid Cash&Spartn were entered by hand, as no automated load existed.
    Note that the translation from Quicken Windows 2017 to Quicken Windows subscription is correct.
    I am eager to have this translation problem fixed as I would like to transition to Quicken Mac.
  • smayer97
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    Yes, this is a known issue because QMac does not have linked accounts. For a complete list of issues, see this list:

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  • chitownhockey
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    Not a bug.  It's a know Windows feature that doesn't work in Mac.

    Why?  Because there are NO BoughtX or SellX transaction types in Quicken Mac.  If you looked in the transaction list for investments in Quicken Mac, there is Buy, Sell and Withdraw.  But no "combo" transaction.  So, how would you expect Quicken Windows to translate transactions that have no comparable transaction type in Quicken Mac?

    As been noted on here many, many times, prior to converting your Quicken Windows data file you will need to change ALL your BOUGHTX and SELLX transactions to TWO transactions...a BUY or SELL and then a Cash Transferred Out Of Account.

    That is the only way to get that conversion from Windows to Mac to work for those type of transactions. 

    Waiting for a fix will be fruitless.  Because there's been no report that will happen any time soon.  
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