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Having trouble with one-step update (updated title)



  • rsonderrsonder Member ✭✭
    I have the same issue. Many accounts on Quicken 2017, each one updates individually just fine, but "OneStep" makes everything hang.

    Did File Validation which took close to 1 hour and found a few minor issues. No difference on OneStep hangup.

    Checked for updates -- says I have the latest.
  • I'm in the same boat as everyone else in this thread--OSU hangs. When so many people suddenly have the same problem, surely it's not due to individual installations or data.
  • rsonderrsonder Member ✭✭
    After about 30 minutes of just hanging, some accounts that previously said "waiting" now suddenly say "complete". So maybe, just maybe, if I wait another eternity the one-step update may be complete?
  • ceboomceboom Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    There is an alert posted about this. Please see:

    (edited to add hyperlink)
  • unblockunblock Member ✭✭
    the timing of the problems suggests that that alert is related, but i'm not getting any kind of error (qcs-0500 or http-0500 or otherwise), it just hangs, same as everyone else in this thread it seems.
  • unblockunblock Member ✭✭
    further sleuthing leaves me even more perplexed. i can run one-step update fine with quite a long list of accounts, no problem. but it hangs when i try just 4: 2 discover accounts and 2 first national accounts. oddly enough, any 3 of those 4 also works fine, but all 4 at the same time hangs.

    various combinations with chase also are a problem.

    again, i can update any of these individually.

    i tried resetting all of these accounts, but it didn't help
  • scott4scott4 Member ✭✭
    Me too. OSU stopped working for my Quicken 2017 accounts about 2 days ago. I also, found that the only workaround was individually updating each account. Try TOOLS > ONLINE CENTER then use the Financial institution drop down in the upper left to select each bank for your accounts and click the update link in the upper right. Much slower than OSU but, at least it works.
  • aschulleaschulle Member
    Having the same problem Quicken 17 on Windows 10. When I unchecked Amex, Bank of America and Chase, it works fine. Able to update these accounts individually
  • SMT2SMT2 Member ✭✭
    @Unblock. I experience the same thing as you are. Here is what I uncovered. There are 2 types of connections - Direct Connect (DC) & Express Web Connect (EWC). Account with DC seems to be much slower. Too many DC+EWC accounts in a download group appear to hang.
    I broke down my download into three groups. First group - 7 DC accts + 1 EWC acct. Second group 2 DC accts + 8 EWC acct. Third group 3 EWC accts.
    It is my guess that Quicken may have resource constraint on their server, or someone may have changed the configuration that reduces the communication threads and resource allocation per session.
  • chitownhockeychitownhockey Member ✭✭✭✭
    I'm just speculating here...but did anyone consider that maybe Quicken is having an issue with their servers?  And being the weekend (when these things always seem to occur), may not get fixed for a few days?
  • Mike45Mike45 Member ✭✭
    Same problem. Quicken what are you doing about this????
  • Same problem as all the others here....
  • NJSNJS Member ✭✭
    Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • siegelmichaelsiegelmichael Windows Beta ✭✭
    I have been experiencing the same issue since Saturday. I've killed the process and started over numerous times, and tried rebooting and nothing helps. It has updated once or twice, but is taking a very long time.
    If others are experiencing this issue, I assume it's something on Quicken's end.
    I am using Quicken 2017 on Windows 10.
  • Fred6Fred6 Member ✭✭
    I am having the same issue.
  • siegelmichaelsiegelmichael Windows Beta ✭✭
    Hopefully we can get some input from Quicken as to what is going on?
  • Alex107Alex107 Member ✭✭
    The same. Its strange, not resolved for couple of days. It works only to update individual accounts one-by-one. I have Quicken 2017 H&B - Windows 10. But I noted other versions aren't working either.
  • ryshorrryshorr Member
    I think I'm having the same issue ----- except, I let it run over night. It took 4 hours to complete the one step update but it did complete.
  • ryshorrryshorr Member
    I let my one step update run overnight (had to stop the computer from going to sleep) but when I woke up the accounts were updated. It took hours. Something is definitely wrong but at least it will update if you just let it sit for hours.
  • dntbolesdntboles Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Same issue with OSU freezing in Q2017, while using 30+% of CPU. Quicken, what are you doing to fix this?
  • This update will not stop or finish. what to do?
  • edstonebedstoneb Member ✭✭
    Anyone have extremely slow downloads to their accounts? I download every morning and the last few days it has been EXTREMELY slow. Usually takes about 1-2 minutes for the six bank/credit card accounts. Now it is taking well over 15 minutes. Not my internet as all my other programs work fine.
  • Jim SJim S Member ✭✭
    I have been a Quicken user for 20 years and have 16 accounts linked for automatic download. Until last four days the one step update would take no more than 2 to 3 minutes. However, recently it has been taking about 3 hours to complete.

    I tried downloading each account individually - hoping to find the culprit account, but strangely all accounts individually download in seconds. However when I try to do one step download (for all accounts together) it takes forever.

    Is there a Quicken server issue?

    I am using version R19.7, Build

  • Red RaiderRed Raider Member ✭✭
    In my case the waiting just sits there and does nothing. Occasionally I get a blank password window where there is nothing visible to sign into. A real pain.
  • SystemSystem Member ✭✭✭✭
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Quicken is no longer downloading transactions from bank or investment accounts..
  • ceboomceboom Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    > @ceboom said:
    > There is an alert posted about this. Please see:
    > (edited to add hyperlink)

    Please follow the instructions in the link... it all seems to be related and they REALLY appreciate you contacting them so you can upload your log files and help them solve the problem.
  • Fred6Fred6 Member ✭✭
    One step update is no longer working, is there a problem with the program?
  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    edited December 2019
    More info needed in order to assist you.
    • What Q product are you running?
    • When is your Q Membership Valid thru?
    • What BUILD of Q?  Do HELP, About Quicken to answer these 3 questions.
    • What EXACTLY happens when you try OSU? 
    • Do you get any error codes or messages?
    • Does it fail for ALL accounts? Or only some?  Which, if some, does it fail on?
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription,  Home & Business
    Retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor" & Bank Audit VP
  • ps56kps56k SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I guess we need some more details - like what version .... Help --> About
    what is happening with your OSU - as our is running fine...
    Quicken 2020 Deluxe - Subscription - Windows 10
  • to download account transactions, it just says waiting on all my accounts & after 3-5 min have to go int task mgr & force close program
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