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Online center won't "Update send" bills/Quicken Bill Pay missing from OSU (updated title)



  • geohpcincgeohpcinc Member ✭✭
    I am having the same problem. Even my list of payees is showing a blank page. I have no problem connecting to the bank to download. It's Billpay that is the problem. This just started. Two days ago, no problem.
  • Richard YoungRichard Young Member ✭✭✭
    @David Weinshel, I'm still monitoring this thread, hoping with the rest of us. As far as I know this is still an issue with Quicken, and My information at QBP is still current and accurate when accessed through a web browse at www://quickenbillpay.com .

    Quicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator did respond above to this thread, offering some hope as Quicken has acknowledge that there is problem, and it has been escalated for investigation.
  • I must say, am pleased regarding the community behaving as a well informed and supportive community with the direct involvement and timely response of Quicken representatives.
    It is a model for the industry, IMO.
    I look forward to everything getting fixed quickly!
  • tdb52tdb52 Member
    Not working for me. Been down for several days and continues to be down.
  • tdb52tdb52 Member
    I can confirm everything said above - Half-Working is not fixed or acceptable. Roll back whatever caused the issue in the first place. Stop the Pain!
  • tdb52tdb52 Member
    Bottom Line : configure access to your Bank and loose QBP or configure QBP and loose the connections to your Bank
  • Quicken 2020 v R23.17 / Windows 10: Bills being flagged for online payment are no longer appearing in One Step Update Settings dialog box, and are not being paid. They are accumulating in the Bill and Income Reminder screen. Is this a bug that Quicken is working to resolve?
  • > @MarkL18 said:
    > I just got off the phone with tech support (650-250-1900) and they were able to walk me through the solution in about 10 minutes. Everything is now back to normal and working properly.
    > The process essentially involved deactivating QBP from my linked bank account. For me this ended up being an extra step as initially the deactivation option was not a choice. This only became an option after clicking set up new QBP account. Once deactivated going under Tools>QBP>set up new QBP account. The initial screen is going to reference zzz the old QBP. At the bottom is the option to go to advanced set up. On that screen you can type in Quicken Bill Pay - New (the spaces around the hyphen are required) clicking next (which doesn't really seem to change the dialog box but is required) and then clicking return to simple set up. At that point it was straight forward following the prompts and entering your QBP username and password to finish setup and linking QBP to your desired bank account.
    > If you have any issues doing this independently I wouldn't hesitate to call tech support. They were well aware of the issue and the now recommended solution they walked me through.
    > Good luck. Hope this resolves your Quicken issues as it did for me.

    This solution did not work for me. I was able to setup Quicken Bill Pay but in so doing it deactivated my bank online setup. When I reset up my online banking it removed Quicken Bill Pay. I can setup one or the other but not both
  • SystemSystem Member ✭✭✭
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Quicken BillPay Setup - Is this service still active?.
  • Quicken, please create and publish information as a Known Issue. Tell us what is going on and when you expect a solution. This has been a known issue for days.
  • halersonhalerson Member
    I just started having this same problem. Hope someone has a fix soon.
  • John EllisJohn Ellis Member ✭✭
    I'm in the same boat. Very disappointed with Quicken.
  • I also have this problem. I've used Quicken for years and never had a major issue. Now that the software is a subscription, the maintenance budget should be adequate to prevent these kinds of problems, or at least fix them quickly.
  • Skip2Skip2 Member
    Having the same problem...
  • mikeglaspymikeglaspy Member ✭✭
    Seems to me the issue is tied to the last release. As a subscription guy, I just installed the last release a few days ago. Since then, QBP doesn't work.
  • MarkSHamiltonMarkSHamilton Member
    edited December 2019
    Same problem. After over an hour with support, I was finally told it was a known issue. [removed - rant/off-topic]
  • Fred G.Fred G. Member
    Same problem here. 4 hours with support over 2 days got me nowhere. BUT, working on my own, I figured out a couple of things:

    1. The latest release is likely not the cause, though the timing is certainly suspicious. I think this is not the cause, though, since I have an earlier release from over a month ago on another computer, and restored an earlier (working) backup database to that machine, and then ran one step update. Same problems appeared, even though I had previously checked to see that QBP was enabled on the account before running one step update.

    2. The only work around I have found is to disable quicken bill pay from the account I use it with (thus leaving transaction download capability from my financial institution intact), and then backing up the database. I then uninstall Quicken software entirely and reinstall the latest version on my machine. I then restore my database from the backup. I then set up QBP on my bank account in the normal way (not using "advanced"). I then do not get the zzz Quicken Bill Pay, but instead get Quicken Bill Pay - New, and it works.

    3. BUT -- and this is a big but -- if I use One Step Update again after the first time, the problem is back. So, the only way to work with the situation without reinstalling every time is to do individual updates for each financial institution from the account menu for an account with that institution.

    Not ideal, obviously, but works on an emergency basis. Hope this helps, but Quicken support needs to make this a big priority. It is a crippling error that will erode their customer base quickly if not resolved soon.
  • I have been Quicken since there was a Quicken. DOS anyone.
    I recommend patience it is useing the internet and is a big program.
    You can still pay bills on the billpay web sight.
  • halersonhalerson Member
    I'm having the same problem with QBP. Seems to have set up a ghost bank account for bill pay and won't let me use the real bank account. Will there be a resolution or does everyone have to go to support and spend 40 minutes fixing it?
  • I suspect there will be a patch comming.
    Also found this a little while ago.

    he Federal Reserve experienced a disruption of service that has caused delays in delivering ACH files. The Fed is working to rectify this issue. Until then, ACH transactions for 12/19 and 12/20 may not have been processed. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them.

    Might have something todo with the issue.
  • dsdrydendsdryden Member ✭✭
    Same problem as everyone else. Was just told that they're expecting a fix on Monday. New update Release R23.18 is now available, but it doesn't fix the problem.
  • fleecefleece Member ✭✭
    This bug demonstrates poor software testing/QA for a critical function (Quicken Bill Pay) not to work.
  • kwilliam8kwilliam8 Member ✭✭
    I have been experiencing the same issue for a couple days now.
  • scottscott Member ✭✭
    Same issue here. I have used Quicken ever since the first day, but it seems to get worse every year and especially after they wen to subscription. I wonder how long they will last.
  • WESWES Member ✭✭✭
    Part of the problem is when Quicken split from Intuit, they outsourced the Bill Pay portion of the system and there appears to be a communications failure between the two. Hopefully an announcement and fix soon -- very soon preferably.
  • John EllisJohn Ellis Member ✭✭
    "when Quicken split from Intuit, they outsourced the Bill Pay portion of the system"

    A minor point -- Quicken Bill Pay has been implemented by Metavante since 2004:

    But I agree with your larger point that having two parties involved likely contributes to the failure.
  • JD TaylorJD Taylor Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    I have this same issue. I am running the latest (2020) Quicken R23.17 renewed late November. I've entered new online transactions but the Update/Send option in the online center does not recognize any transactions to send. I also entered a transaction by signing to billpay online and my quicken file will not update with that traction either. All bank connections work fine but quicken is not for some reason connecting with billpay.
  • Richard YoungRichard Young Member ✭✭✭
    Note to Quicken: May we have an update and an ongoing dialog. Feed us information.

  • richard13richard13 Member ✭✭
    Hopefully there's a fix soon. I'm just going to pay my bills from Quicken Bill Pay directly in the meantime.
    Quicken 2019 Premier - Subscription - Windows 10 VM on a Mac ;)
  • JamesJGallagherJamesJGallagher Member ✭✭
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    > @David Sellars said:
    > I have been Quicken since there was a Quicken. DOS anyone.
    > I recommend patience it is useing the internet and is a big program.
    > You can still pay bills on the billpay web sight.

    David, although I agree with your post and admit that there may be challenges for Quicken I believe they have done a poor job of communicating on this. At a mininum I think it would have been helpful if they published this as a known issue even if they do not have a soltuion. This would help alleviate some of the confusion I see in this discussion.
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