Quicken Won't Set Up Online Update - Instead It Wants to Set Up a New Account!!

This has been a problem that is getting worse over the last couple of years.

When I try to set up online updates for my credit card account Quicken (latest version of Quicken Canada on subscription, on a PC running latest version of Windows 10) it, instead, brings up a screen to set up a new account. If I go along and set up the new account, I still cannot set up online updates as the same process runs again.

When I download transactions for the credit card (downloading as a 'qfx' file) and try to import the transactions by either double-clicking on the file or using File->Import, Quicken does "something" but does not actually import the transactions nor does it even ask which account to which they should be applied.

Very frustrating.


  • drcuddy
    drcuddy Member ✭✭
    I've had similar import problems with Quicken for Mac. I download the QFX file from my bank, but Quicken won't automatically put the transactions into the correct accounts. One bug I've discovered - it was importing some transactions into a hidden Quicken account (an old bank account that I had hidden years ago). If you happen to have any hidden accounts in your Account list, try unhiding them and see if the 'missing' transactions from the QFX file got loaded there.
  • AlanL
    AlanL Member
    Thanks for the suggestion. I checked all of my old, hidden accounts and it doesn't look like the 'qfx' data went into any of them. I also checked all of the other credit card accounts, old and new, and they don't show the transactions either. Still puzzled as to why they won't import or even ask which accounts into which the transactions should be imported.

    Also frustrating that I can't set up the account for online update. Why Quicked continues to try to set up a new account instead puzzles me. Even if I go through the process and create a new account, still can't set up online updates.

    There's definitely a bug somwehere that Intuit hasn't managed to fix yet.
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