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Windows 10 2020 R23.18 Build My file size is 390mb. I have been using Quicken since the DOS days in the 1980's. For the last few years the program for me has become unstable. I don't get error codes, I just have the program stop at random times. Sometimes i'll be entering a transaction that was downloaded or I'll be using the manual backup or validation. Most of the time after the sudden stop I'll see the bug report appear and I'll enter my email address and a description of what I was doing. Sometimes the program just quits with no bug report. Most of the time I will restart the program and continue with no further problems. However sometimes when I restart my budget will be missing. I have installed Quicken on three different computers: a 2012 model, a Microsoft Surface and a brand new computer with the same results. All these computers were running the latest MS Win Updates. Here is a odd circumstance. Sometimes if I copy the qdf to a different computer, it starts normally. Then I do a manual backup and copy the backup to the original computer and restore. Now the program is running normally again. I have seen this happen probably 100 times. I backup a lot, as Quicken users know it can take many hours to restore from backups if you have entered many transactions and use the save image, file, scanner function. My log files have been downloaded many times, are they useful. I use Quicken to make my life simpler, however these days it has become a burden. Unfortunately, what is the alternative?


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    If you haven't rebooted Windows since you installed the latest software update, please do so now and then try Quicken again.

    Still not working?

    Let's try some "Troubleshooting 101" to ensure the Quicken software is installed and updated properly and that your data file is in good working order.
    Please perform all the steps in this document:
    Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems

    Do not allow cloud backup software programs (One Drive, Dropbox, etc.) to access the active Quicken data file while Quicken is running. Create backups of your active Quicken data file every time you close Quicken and let cloud backup access the backup file.
    Do not store the active Quicken data file on a network drive or a drive in the cloud. It's not supported. While it may work for a while, it tends to lead to data corruption in the weirdest places, eventually rendering your data file unusable.
  • The "Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems" is a 101 course. I'm at the 401 level. Here is my day with Quicken. Open the program, execute One Step Update, Accept transactions. But while accepting a transaction the program crashes. Send bug report from popup. Start Quicken again. Finish transactions acceptance. Manually download more transactions from accounts that won't work with one step update. While accepting transactions program crashes. Send bug report from popup. Start Quicken finish accepting transactions. From previous experience I know that when the program crashes twice I'll probably lose the budget when I run the manual backup. Sure enough, after the backup a notice pops up saying the "The Quicken File Contains no Budgetable Accounts or Categories. The Budget Feature Cannot Be Used At This Time". Then the normal popup reads "Quicken Data File Backed Up Successfully" . At this point I'm worn out. I know I will have to back several backups to get one that works and then start the transaction entry process again. If Quicken had started this way in the 1980's we would all be using MSMoney now. Doesn't the data logs I upload provide evidence of where the program is failing?
  • Adding to the previous experience. I copied my data file to a different computer running R23.17 and it opened with the Budget intact and the Manual Backup worked without a problem. Tomorrow I'll try copying the data file back to my primary new computer to see what happens.
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    Most of us long-time users have some level of data corruption. I know I do, but it’s less severe than yours. Bottom line: after some amount of corruption, there is nothing you can do except start a fresh new data file and get your data into it somehow.

    Every year, I tell myself I’ll start a new file, but I never do. I have too many lots of securities to even try. But my corruption is not fatal like yours. If it were, I think I’d be willing to lose my lot-level investments, forget about using Quicken to track taxes, and rely solely on Forms 1099 in the future. Q has never been terribly good at taxes anyhow.
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    What is the path to the folder that contains your Quicken data file? Do you have Controlled Folder Access enabled in Windows Defender? Are you using OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Backup? Have you tried starting your computer in Safe Mode with Networking and then running Quicken?
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  • In 1997 I had to create a new data file because I was having problems with the program. I believe that time has come again. I'm going keep my old file for historical purposes and open a new file and start from scratch. I'm worried about importing some of my data which might include the corruption. Is there a checklist out there to follow when building a new file? By the way I have on my drive C or D or etc. a folder named DATA. Inside that folder I have folders for all my programs that contain data sets. This is a convenient method for me to backup all my data files. I find that programmers like to hide data files for some reason and when you do have some sort of malfunction, good luck remembering where all your data is. Thank you for your help. I still wonder what Quicken programmers do with all the log files they collect.
  • Update: I did try file export.QXF, when it finished it opened a display of several pages of errors, oddly validate only had a few errors. Rather than try to fix this file I started a new datafile from this month. I kept a log of all the steps I've taken. It has been a very time consuming exercise (I'm talking weeks). So I am back in a more stable Quicken or so I thought. Today I started One Step Update and it froze. I had to use task manager to close the program. I tried several times with the same result. I then tried Online Center and was able to synchronise each account one at a time.