Since R23.17 Not able to keep QDF file on NAS or backup to NAS

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On backup when closing the program errors with cannot close QDF and then the QDF will never open. Get the "Quicken cannot open file as another application has it open. Only way to recover is save a prior to error backup and loose data.

Saving QDF in C:\ Documets Quicken is only way to work around this.

No Clould sync when this error ocurs and is reproducable on my system.

Quicken Support would not log this as a bug and I am shocked.


  • GeoffG
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    Your system generated backups should be local and saving to the same folder as your data file under /Backups. The manual backups you perform can and should go to your NAS. This is inline with Quicken requiring running on a local HD, backups included.
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    I don't doubt that Quicken does not consider it a bug since they do not support storing your active Quicken data file on a NAS. 
    See this article: and look for the answer to "Can I install or use Quicken on a network?".

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