An investment account shows 0 shares when I really have 671.168405 shares.

I am trying to sell shares out of an account of mine but it is telling me I have 0 shares in it although I really have 671.168405 shares in it. When I brought up the Security Detail View it is showing 0 amount of shares. There is something wrong somewhere but I don't know what.


  • work208
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    An investment account says I have 0 shares in it but I actually have 671.168405.
  • Tom Young
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    Perhaps the first thing to try is to go to that Account and then press Ctrl-z.  That will do a recalculation of all the transactions in the Account.
    If that doesn't work I'd suggest you do  Reports > Investing > Investing Transactions, customizing the report to only use this one security, this one Account and "all dates."  Review that and see if there's an Action that somehow removed all the shares.
  • markus1957
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    The OP is trying to transfer shares from an IRA account to a non-IRA account to satisfy the RMD.  I've not tried that before.  I wonder if Quicken has some aversion to transferring shares from an IRA?
  • work208
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    I have done this many times before and never had this problem.
  • Tom Young
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    Did you actually transfer shares out of IRA's to an after-tax Account?  I just tried this in a test Account and it worked fine.  Are you sure you used the correct "to" Account here?  If you click on the Holdings button in the Account does it show the shares there?
  • miklk
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    Do you have a similar but spelled different Security?

    Sometimes people accidentally use multiple spellings etc.. when Securities are entered.

    Look at Security list with hidden securities showing
  • Bob_L
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    Try sorting your investment register by security.  Then you can easily step through to see where/how the share balance changed over time to zero.  
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