My quicken is corrupted. Does not appear in the control panel. How do I uninstall & reinstall

The problem happened about a week ago. I called a number (1-855-[removed]) for quicken support and it was I think a scam and they tried to sell me a repair which I did not accept. Now I can not get into quicken.

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  • GeoffG
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    Follow this link to uninstall Quicken. If you need to obtain Quicken subscription to reinstall you can go to your home page.

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  • Ps56k2
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    never do a "search" for Quicken Support -
    as the results are mostly paid scammers.
    Always use the numbers listed in - your Quicken Account, or Quicken website -
    What version of Quicken do you think you have ?

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  • when trying the Quicken.exe that was downloaded i got the response to"manually uninstall Quicken from the Programs.
  • ps56k
    I assume that I have 2019 version since my subscription run thru 2020
  • Ps56k2
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    As mentioned above - the best course....
    1 - use the QcleanUI to totally remove any existing Quicken program modules
    2 - log into the website with your Quicken ID / password
    3 - locate the entry and click to - Download Quicken for Windows
    4 - download the installer - and when completes - click to install Quicken
    5 - ...
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  • After several tries I now have Quicken installed but I get the following message. "Quicken unexpectantly quit the last time it was run please help Quicken...…." I have sent the log back to Quicken with no response.