Quicken Adds instead of subtracting

Trying to reconcile my bank account when I discovered Quicken is adding my debits to the balance instead of deducting. I messaged support and got nowhere. They can't understand and kept telling me I had duplicate transactions. If I did it would subtract them. I don't have duplicates. It is adding the transaction not debiting it.


  • splasher
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    What type of account? Checking/Savings or Credit Card?
    If checking/savings, is the balance in black?
    If credit card, is the balance in red?
    How about a screen shot with the personal data fuzzed or blacked out?
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    @TiffanyMontano, are you new to Quicken?  Have you EVER reconciled this account?
    What $ columns are you using in this account?
    Use of the AMOUNT column is tricky, and error-prone.  It's much cleaner if you use the Payment and Deposit columns instead.
    Also, in the last (most recent) transaction in the account, what COLOR is the amount in the Balance column.
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