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Quicken for windows - issues from the beginning

Hi Commiunity,

New to Quicken Windows because I lost my mint data and now onto Quicken.

I'll start with some things to note:
1) I first started by using automatic transactions from my banks (usually 90 days).
2) I uploaded the remaining data via the banks exports and imported those into quicken.

I assumed quicken would handle duplicates but I don't think it catches them all so that has led to some oddities.

Next, I found out that Chase offers direct connect which gives me more then 90 days of data so I didn't need to do the whole import thing in the first place.

The problem is that even using direct connect I'm missing transactions so I'm tempted to start over using just direct connect.

Thoughts on this ?

Also, if I'm going to need to use a mix of automatic and import, I'm only going to upload up until the bank stopped providing data automatically and important the rest. This is designed to avoid duplicates.

Thoughts ?

Should I just start over via a new file ?

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