SOFTWARE GLITCH-Quicken processes reverse stock split incorrectly

An investment with a reverse stock split earlier this year was incorrectly recognized as having fractional shares totaling 249.999, but only in the background. The Investments listing and the security detail view showed the correct number of shares, 250. When I sold all shares, I entered the transaction and ticked the box to "sell all shares in this account", which Quicken correctly filled with 250. When I hit enter, it said "Number of shares selected is more than the available. Max avaialble shares on this security is 249". When I reviewed the Security Detail section, it appears Quicken incorrectly calculates a ratio from the share split, and then applies that rounded calc to my share balance, but in the background only. I never saw the amount, but I calculated 249.999 from that, and that is exactly what I was able to sell when I populated the shares manually. This, however, was unacceptable, as the investments page would then show me still owning .001 shares. I wasted 37 minutes on the phone with Quicken support while I troubleshooted myself whilst on the call.
I solved the problem by posting a transaction to "buy" .001 shares at zero cost. Then I promptly recorded the sale of 250 shares, entered the 250 manually because if auto-filled for "all shares" it would show 250.001 due to the background rounding error. This enabled me to sell 250 shares. The purchase of .001 shares at this point was actually in the "Placehlder Entries" section of the Investing page. I then deleted the Placeholder Entry, and then everything seemed to appear correctly everywhere. The Security Detail shows 0 shares, as does the Investing listing, and I was able to record the sale of 250 shares, not 249.999.
In summary:
QUICKEN MUST FIX THIS GLITCH. I had 3000 shares for which I had a reverse stock split of 1:12 that should have resulted in 250 shares even. This transaction had no fractional shares. Neither the imported split, nor a manually entered one, permitted me to sell all 250 remaining shares without having to temporarily "buy" .001 shares first, and then delete the placeholder entry for that "purchase" after I succesfully recorded the sale of the 250 shares. Again, the 249.999 share balance recognized by Quicken was only apparent when trying to enter the sale, and was never shown visually anywhere. Quicken showed a share balance of 250 shares everywhere, including when I ticked the box to "sell all shares...".
I spent over an hour between online chat and the 37 minute phone call, only to jerry-rig a solution myself. There is no way I am upgrading this software until Quicken gets their "stuff" together.