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Not so Quick-en.... Banks forcing multi-factor authentication EACH download

I download daily from a large number of accounts using One Step Update. In recent months, several of the banks have begun insisting on a MFA text message each time. Foe some banks where we have multiple accounts and log in ID's , we get multiple text messages - which don't always arrive in sequence, resulting in blocked downloads.

This has become a big hassle. Capital One introduced a better authentication with Quicken approach a year ago. It works seamlessly.

I'm asking my fellow Quicken users to join me in contacting these financial institutions and encourage them to create a mechanism to register my Quicken as a trusted software to download to.

I'd also encourage Quicken to reach out to the financial institutions to work through having to only validate once for each institution.

Presently i'm having this issue with SEFCU and CIBC.

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