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Resolved 12/27/19 Users Unable to Connect with Quicken Bill Pay

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Multiple Users have reported that they are unable to connect with Quicken Bill Pay and see a "zzz-Quicken Bill Pay" for the Financial Institution name.

The root cause of this issue was invalid information in the Quicken Master List of Financial Institutions causing the Quicken Bill Pay instance to revert to a prior, no longer valid connection.

The Financial Institution Master List or "FIDIR" data has been corrected, however Users continue to report that they are unable to connect.

Our Teams are continuing to investigate this issue and are working to restore connections as quickly as possible.


Workaround 1:
Pay your bills directly on the Quicken Bill Pay website: http://quickenbillpay.com/ - just click the link and then select "Sign In" at the top of the page.  Follow the prompts you're presented with to sign in.

Workaround 2:
In the meantime, we recommend deactivating the currently connected zzz-Quicken Bill Pay and adding a temporary new Quicken Bill Pay account by going to the Tools menu > Account List.

Select the 'edit" button to the right of the account connected with Quicken Bill Pay and the Account Details window will open. 

Select the middle tab for "Online Services" and click the Deactivate button under the Bill Pay option.  This will deactivate the current connection with the "invalid" presence of Quicken Bill Pay. 

**Please Note: If there is no "Deactivate" button under the Online Bill Payment section, please skip this step as the connection is already deactivated.**

Once Quicken Bill Pay has been deactivated for all accounts, then go to the Tools menu > Add Account option.  Select "checking" for the account type and start typing "Quicken Bill Pay" in the search box, selecting "Quicken Bill Pay - New" from the list.

Enter the login credentials and complete the Add Account process.  Once completed, these steps should reconnect Quicken to the correct instance of Quicken Bill Pay and restore connections while our Team further researches this issue.

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