I got a good deal on quicken Mac 2018 so bought it. But I never got around to converting my quicken Mac 2007 data file.
I just got a message that my subscription expired. Quicken is asking me to renew. I know I won’t get around to using it until summertime. And maybe I can get a better deal again. So can I use a new activation code to keep my subscription or just start a new subscription later?

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  • ps56kps56k SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
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    just some clarification....
    Where did you purchase the QMac 2018 - download or CD -
    and you never actually installed it ?
    Why won't you get to using Quicken until summer - a seasonal book keeping ?
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    Don’t remember where I purchased it. I think on CD. I did install it and it sits in my app folder. I played a little with it but never converted my data. (Already converted from managing your money and $&cents.)
    I have a file for each of 9 family members. Daunting task. Life got in the way. 2007 stilt works great even though type is too small. Investment purchase data still in there. But it won’t run with Catalina.
    Year now ending. Just finished amending a 2016 return. Tax season starting. 9 tax returns coming up. So it’s on to that. Need to enter all data for 2019. I have scheduled transactions to be entered so that is some help. But still have to check the numbers.
    Also have to eat, sleep, take care of family, see drs & dentists, etc.

    so do you have an answer to my question?
    And another question- If I get a new activation will it start at that time?

    Or a recommendation for another product?
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    If you activated the Quicken 2018 subscription a year ago, that's why it's expiring now. 

    If you purchase a new subscription directly from Quicken, it will start immediately. If you purchase via a third party, like Amazon, you will get an activation code, and the subscription will start when you enter that application code, not when you buy it.
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