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Duplicate T Rowe Price transactions coming down!

The last two days, I have had several T Rowe Price mutual fund transactions from mid-December re-download. They are duplicates of long term, short term capital gains, and dividends. I did a file validate and all is fine I have not done anything unusual with Quicken lately. I am not sure if this is a Quicken or T Rowe Price problem, fyi.... I have never seen this happen before in Quicken.

Between this and the Windows freezing problem the Quicken experience is not so fun this week :-(


  • I have also seen these duplicated transactions from the last two weeks. I just confirm that I have already received them and delete the new downloads. I think this occurred because TRP originally sent reinvested ST Cap Gains as Cash ST Cap gains (I.e. Div not ReinvDiv). So, now they have corrected that and are resending transactions.
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