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Tax Planner - Preserve prior saved scenarios 1,2,3 when updating tax rates for new year

Want -  Preserve (respect) prior saved scenarios 1,2,3 when updating tax rates for new year (2020+), when old tax year rates are still available (2019+). 

I understand why the Projected Tax Scenario figures changes as we go into the new year.  Knowing this, I saved off to Scenario 3 my 2019 projected figures (actually a combination of projected and user entered figures).  And (thankfully), I printed to a pdf these prior saved scenarios.

I took R23.18 today, featuring updated tax rates for 2020.  Image 1.  To my dismay,  scenarios 1,2,3 were all wiped out - nothing, no figures at all. Images 2 and 3.   I would have expected that 2019 scenarios 1,2,3 would be preserved since Quicken continues to post 2019 tax rates in the tax rate table.  After all,  it appears that the only thing that scenarios 1,2,3 are affected by is the published tax rates in the table - everything else is direct user input.

So... as long as Quicken publishes prior year tax rates, they should also preserve scenarios 1,2,3, until such time those prior year tax rates are no longer published or the user decides to overwrite them for 2020.  After all, we are smack in the middle of 2019 tax season and having this in the app is still useful (to me).

There seems to be some discontinuity in my Tax Planner data during change of years or change of rates. 

What is your experience - thoughts, additions, education or votes?

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