Cannot deactivate or reactivate any accounts

I've had several issues with Online Services over the past few days. It started with One Step Update errors with my American Express account. There were about a dozen troublesome transactions from April-May 2019. I had to reset Cloud Sync to fix those errors. Now Quicken just drops any attempt to reconnect any account: something appears totally stuck. Any suggestions?


  • UKR
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    More details, please.
    Are you talking about setting up Sync to Mobile and selecting accounts?
    Or are you talking about setting up bank accounts for transaction downloading from the bank or brokerage? Any problems with bank transaction downloading via OSU in the last couple of days in December should have been resolved by now.
  • skeezix43
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    I am talking about being unable to make any changes to One Step Update settings for two of my accounts. I may have found a workaround by turning off animation, as reported on another site. Prior to doing that, I had tried to deactivate OSU for the two troublesome accounts, and even though deactivation appeared to have worked, when I exited Quicken and restarted it, OSU was still active. There appeared to be connectivity issues with both accounts. For now, after turning off animation, I was able to reset the accounts to not use One Step Update and am able to manually download and import transactions. Given my experience with OSU the past few days, I think I will just continue using this method instead. Thanks for the quick reply.
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