T-mobile no longer in the list of billers (edited for readability)

Rich ArdRich Ard Member ✭✭
edited January 5 in Paying Bills (Windows)
I've even tried restoring a backup. Is T-mobile no longer supported? My due sate for AT&T is still incorrect. And most of my bills constantly say they are waiting to be updated...when i know they have. Ever since i upgraded to the new subscription version of the programs i have has nothing but HUGE problems with what used to be a very simple bills tab which became VERY overly complicated that no longer works for most of my bills.


  • irish316irish316 Member
    Yes, I have noticed T-mobile was removed. I am tired of the online bills not working (yes, Capital One which has not worked for over 6 months) and many others working on and off again. I'm about ready to remove all online bills and do everything manually since Quicken can't fix these issues. Why have a subscription model when it doesn't work correctly?
  • Rich ArdRich Ard Member ✭✭
    Metro by T-mobile is certainly not the same thing. Odd such a huge wireless company would be suddenly removed with no warning. Or is this an oversight?
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