Logarithmic y-axes for portfolio value plots and others?

As far as I can see there is only one option for the y-axis in a portfolio value plot: "Y-axis starts at zero." Many modern data graphing programs can offer a wide variety of options (not including Excel here...): logarithmic, power, etc. Is there a way to make this suggestion/request to the developers?
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  • Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod

    Hello All,

    This idea seems to have fallen stagnant and due to the age of the request and lack of user votes/comments, will be archived within the next 7 business days.

    If you would like to see this idea kept alive and considered for possible future implementation in Quicken, be sure to add your vote and a comment explaining how this idea would be beneficial for you.

    More information, including steps to vote and how to submit your own ideas for future product features/improvements, is also available here.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    I would certainly like to see this improvement, and it should apply to the Growth of $10,000 graph as well.

    There is a related discussion about setting the origins for the graphs in the Security Detail view.

    and this related Idea
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  • q_lurker
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    Logarithmic scaling for long-term investment performance is a common presentation that should be available in Quicken.
  • Ps56k2
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    Even just moving the floor of the graph - it makes no sense to have a graph of Net Worth that just wiggles around the same general band ....
    hard to really see ANY changes
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