Not Synching to Desktop Quicken

This seems to be quite irritating. I use the Quicken iPhone App to categorize and attach invoices but it does not show up on the desktop software. I added the entries on the iPhone app yesterday. When I go to the desktop software, those entries lack categorization and the invoice. On the desktop App I went to Mobile and Web and did a Sync but still it did not work. Is this an known Issue? Should one be used as the definitive source to replicate to the other source?


  • BaskInMyGlory
    BaskInMyGlory Member ✭✭
    Spoke with Tech support and they had me reset my online information. Then when I enter information on the IOS device it would replicate back to the desktop. However, if you insert attachments it has to be on the IOS to show on the desktop. If you insert it on the desktop device it will not show on the IOS device. Confirmed with tech support that this is by design.
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