Canadian Bank accounts in Canada version vs. US version

I bough quicken US version wrongly first but started to use normaly with my canadian accounts. I added with Express web connect to Tangerine and Rogers Bank but RBC Canada wasn't available. That was the point I searched that I need the Quicken Canada for that.
So I changed my subscription and software to quicken Canada and started all over again.
RBC Canada was there at this time but no Rogers Bank and Tangerine Express web connect isn't available.
How is that possible two Canadian institutions is available in a US version but no for Canada customers?

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  • axelbest
    axelbest Member
    I tried to open my old QDF file on Quicken Canada version. Express Web Connect was working fine in US version, now it's not working in Canada version.
    This doesn't make absolutely any sense. :/
  • axelbest
    axelbest Member
    I don't really don't understand the point that Canadian banks doesn't allow Canadian customers to have EWC, but allow americans. Rogers Bank is even worst because they even provide QIF file, only OFX that doesn't supported by Quicken.
    Oh, thats business... ok what a stupid way to do business. I will never understand.
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