I have had an issue with the currency of an account changing without my having done anything

I have been a loyal Quicken customer since version 1 - I was using the version with floppy disks, before hard drives became a thing. I am now a subscriber. This year something happened and an account that had been in CAD since 2013 suddenly became USD and I was unable to change it back. I had to recreate the account and now have to re-reconcile other accounts to which that account was linked because of the transfer of funds and currency change. I have spent days doing this and am not a happy camper. When I did my year-end reconciliations last year, the account was CAD. When I went to catch up this year I found that suddenly I was converting payments to my CAD credit card from my CAD account. It seems a peculiar fluke, but I cannot explain how it happened since the option to change the currency of an account is greyed out. I am very upset and disappointed by this, not to mention annoyed by the amount of time it is taking me to sort it out. I did tech support for 20 years, so I am not a neophyte and if I had deliberately changed something I would understand.

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