transactions entered in Quicken Mobile not syncing with desktop (subscription) Quicken

My Quicken desktop subscription (R23.20) is not syncing with entered transactions in Quicken Mobile (android 5.17.0).

I'm entering transactions on the mobile app, then perform a One step update and they do not sync to my checking account.

One step update appears to act normally, iow it does not hang up, it behaves as expected.

If I go to "Mobile and Web" on desktop and click "Sync Now", I get a "Syncing Quicken and Quicken Cloud" box/spinner and black screen and it just hangs until I press "ESC" on my computer to kill Quicken.

Also, if I go to "Mobile and Web" on desktop and look under Quicken Mobile and Web I see "Quicken ID: " but my quicken ID is not after the colon, which seems odd.


  • skybroncoskybronco Member ✭✭
    so I did the "sync now" thing from the "mobile and web" page and walked away from the computer for an hour, I don't know how long it took but it finally synced the transactions,
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