Roll over at year end is not happening all data is still showing.

I have tried umpteen times to roll over at year end but data keeps on showing. What do I need to do?

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    There is no bookkeeping - style End of Year Close function available in Quicken. All data from all years usually remains in the same physical Quicken data file. There is nothing you need to do, just continue working with the current data file.
    If you absolutely want to, you can create a Year End Archive file using the File / Year End Copy process. However, for an old transaction to be moved from your current data file it must be reconciled. Transactions involving transfers to other accounts must be reconciled in both Transfer-from and Transfer-to account registers. For more information read about it in Help / Quicken Help.
    I recommend you use this procedure only to archive really old transactions. Leave about 5 years' worth of transactions in your active data file, to make looking back into history or fixing up last year's tax-related transaction categories easier.
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