Download/Update(?) error effecting all accounts

When I updated my Quicken Mac Premier 2020 Version 5.13.3 (Build 513.30586.100) all accounts were off with missing(?) transactions or un-reconciled transactions for 1 or 2 years. I restored from backup and tried updating again but still have the same issue with my bank. I have tried deactivation and reactivating downloads etc. but to no avail. Anyone else having issues?


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    Update: The issue is now just contained to my bank accounts. I tried restoring from backup and updating again but still same result. Also called support and we reset the 'cloud' with the last know correct data and ran the update and it still came back with the wrong data for the bank accounts. More Update: Ok I tried the restoring from the last. correct back up and reset the cloud again with that info. That seemed to have corrected the issue for now :p
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