release of the R23.21 Hot Fix patch

Installed and turned animation back on.
No issues with on-line update.
Windows 10 Home
Version 1903
OS build 18362.535


  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Discover Card direct connect is failing in R23.21. The connection log shows Quicken trying to access the discover ofx directly rather than through the secure ofx server.

    R23.21 is downloading fidir.txt and fiblueprint.xml files that are dated 12-13-19.  I can't seem to manually refresh these files to their latest versions.  Discover downloads worked fine this morning with R23.20.

    OK, I figured out how to manually update. I opened fidir.ini and changed the date from 1/6/2020 to 1/1/2020.  Then opened Quicken, used Tools>Add Account>Checking>Cancel to force the update.  

    fidir.txt and fiblueprint.xml are now dated 1/6/2020 and Discover Card downloads again using the ofx-secure server.  It would not manually update because I already did an OSU today using R23.20.  I suspect it would have worked in the morning if I had waited.

    The patches should always force an update because they apparently install outdated files in the Banklist folder.
  • wardawalker
    wardawalker Member ✭✭
    Installed R23.21 release. The first time I ran OneStep Update, I turned Sync to Quicken Cloud back on. It seemed to complete successfully for the first time since this OSU issue began. However, when I tried to exit Quicken, the program hung--probably where it tries to Sync Quicken Cloud again. I didn't see a prompt to tell me though. I started the program again and tried to OSU at program start, but the program hung and had to be terminated. As it was with the last patch, the only way I get OSU to work is to turn off Sync to Quicken Cloud. I am able to Download Quotes.
    This said, I don't actually have any transactions to review in my registers--perhaps because this is Monday and the banks haven't pushed those yet.

    R23.21 is not fixing the problem for me.
  • Deckhand
    Deckhand Member
    Just downloaded and ran R23.21. Update worked perfectly. No problems at shutdown as reported above.
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