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Ive used Quicken for many years. Our needs now are for personal finance only. Yet, the line by line balance has disappeared. I would also like to revise and make more concise our category. I print out by category at end of year for accountant. I have no need for investment reports and all the many things you list below. At this point we use Quicken as a check book register.


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    When you say "the line by line balance has disappeared," do you mean the running balance in the Balance column of a register?

    First, you must be sure you have selected an individual account in the left sidebar -- not one of the groups, like "Checking" or "Credit "Card" or "Banking".

    Second, your register must be sorted in date order. (A running balance doesn't make sense if the transactions aren't in date order.) Click on the Date heading at the top of your register to sort it in date order. (If you prefer your transactions in the reverse order, click the Date heading again.)
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    What version of QMac are you using?

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