Password Vault Reset - Notice of Intuit ID Password Changed

Each time I restart quicken and then do an account update, I get the following error message:
"It Looks Like You Changed your Intuit ID Password outside of Quicken. For security your Password Vault has been reset." I then need to re-enter all of my passwords.

I found a past ticket and response that was closed. This information however, did not help. I could not get back to these prompts in the attached help file suggested by Sarah.
Hello @jsnpeng

If you are still experiencing this issue, please take a moment and review the information available at

Is this the screen(s) you are receiving when opening Quicken? If so, please let us know if the steps in the Help Article help to resolve this issue.

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  • Hello @eenglhardt

    Thank you for providing the details of this issue to the Community, although I apologize you have not yet received a response.

    The Community may need a bit more information to be able to assist you further. Please take a moment to review the information available here and post back to let us know what version/release of Quicken you're using.

    The more information you can provide regarding this issue will help the Community to better understand and assist.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Natalie 

  • eenglhardt
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    Sorry for missing the version.
    Subscription Version. 2020 Version: R23.18 Build:
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @eenglhardt

    Thank you for the response and for providing the year and version.

    Quicken has separated from Intuit some time ago so it's definitely odd to see a message regarding the Intuit ID.

    I would start by signing out and signing back in.

    1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID, Sync & Alerts. If you are unable to see your Edit > Preferences menu, continue to the next section. 
    2. Click Sign in as a different user.
    3. Type "yes" to confirm and click Sign Out.
    4. After you sign out, sign back in with the same Quicken ID.
    Let me know if this message persists after completing this step.

    -Quicken Tyka
  • thecreator
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    Hi @eenglhardt ,

    First of all, unless you have manually set up the Vault Password to match your Password for your Quicken Account, when you change your Quicken Account or using a File Password, when you change one, does not automatically change the other passwords. The passwords are independent of each other.

    I also recommend that you uninstall and reinstall Quicken according to this procedure:

    Why? I believe that you have bleed through, especially if you always allow the current new version to uninstall the last version you are using.

    Try that and see what happens.
    thecreator - User of Quicken Subscription R40.21  USA & Quicken 2017 HBRP R20.6 USA
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                      also  Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Build 19044.1645

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