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budget report shows inaccurate totals

My full year report shows totals for spending and income that do not agree with the sum of items in those totals. What is happening?


  • susangweber
    susangweber Member ✭✭
    Should add that this is the budget/actuals year end report. I have no idea where these numbers are being pulled from, but they are incorrect and it seems that my only option - pending some good help form the community - is to export it all to excel, create a working file with formulas from the raw data, and go from there. But THAT is a tremendous amount of work that should not be necessary.
  • I had the same problem. It was including totals from categories not included in the budget. I added all categories to the budget, then zeroed out the totals that shouldn't be in the budget, but it did not change the category totals. I just overrode those, but these should be recalculating when changes are made.
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