Quicken Tax Reports not using _DivInc internal category. It's missing the tax attribute.

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Quicken Tax Reports are not using _DivInc internal category. I am able to generate other reports for _DivInc transactions but the Tax planner does not recognize _DivInc transactions likely because the category does not show associated Tax item. How can this be fixed given its an internal Quicken category for investments? I tried selection categories and adding in hopes of it rebuilding. File validation checks everything Ok, so not sure how category data was lost.


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    What version of Quicken.... Help --> About Quicken
    When viewing the - Category List - I'm see the _DivInc and assoc Sched B tax line
    Within the Tax Planner - clicking on 2019 - and the Interest/Dividends,
    and then clicking within the Divs box - I again see all the transactions...  Q R23.18

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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    Been using Quicken since the DOS days. Just signed up and upgraded to latest Quicken 2019 via subscription. Running Quicken Premier Version R23.21. I only see Interest but no Dividends.

    _DivInc shows with no Schedule B tax category and can't edit to fix it.

    I found someone else with the same problem in this other thread. https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7866432/system-category-named-divinc-is-missing-tax-line-assignment-i-e-schedule-b#latest
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    Currently, the only way to recover is to restore from a backup file prior to when the tax line was deleted or the file corrupted.
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    I've been using Quicken for ages since DOS days. Unfortunately, Don't know when corrupted and recent restores don't fix the problem. Quicken should develop something to help with recreating or fixing these built in categories. Seems like this has been a problem experienced by many before. I tried rebuilding a new file from exports, but due to the many years and past transfers/activities I am unable to recreate with similar balance. I am trying to avoid having to start all the accounts from scratch and loose all the history.
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    Learned from UKR in this other thread that Quicken will be working on a fix for internal categories being fixed, https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7866432/system-category-named-divinc-is-missing-tax-line-assignment-i-e-schedule-b#latest.

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    I just received a message from one of the Community moderators.
    The programmers have received a ticket / request to make it possible to fix this broken record and to prevent it from being broken again, by whatever means that is currently possible.
    So, stay tuned. It may take a few weeks until the next patch release cycle after R 24.11 (which is currently in limited release to a few thousand guinea pigs, er, customers at a time)
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