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Setting Upcoming Credit Card Payments Automatically

I want to be able to setup scheduled credit card payments that will automatically calculate each month's bill amount based on user specified parameters and the specifications of the credit card.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Billing Period = 03/20/2020 to 04/19/2020
Bill Due Date = 04/25/2020
Minimum Payment = 1% of Balance if over $25, else $25
Amount = Last Statement Balance OR Minimum Required Payment?

Thus user specifies which of the two Amount choices to pick.

If "Last Statement Balance", then automatically set the scheduled credit card payment amount equal to what credit card balance was on 04/19/2020 at end of day.

If "Minimum Required Payment", then user is provided two choices:

1. Automatically download credit card specifications from bank for how they calculate the minimum payment, then calculate and set credit card payment amount equal to that minimum payment amount.

2. Manually enter in a percentage amount (e.g. 1%) and a threshold amount ($25), then follow rest of same procedure from above item 1.
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