When starting Quicken receive message --> Language Change Required

kmullingskmullings Member ✭✭
Settings already set to American English so reset anyway & restarted PC, no better. Operating system Windows 10, 64 bit. Quicken Home, Business & Rental property. version 23.21


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    OK, so what's the problem? What were you trying to remedy by your actions?
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  • kmullingskmullings Member ✭✭
    Found it myself. Issue was whenever opening Quicken message appeared "Language Change Required" Found and changed setting as required but it wasn't in the obvious location. Thanks anyway.
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    And what was changed - where - and why  -
    in case anyone else stumbles across this
    EDIT -- also updated topic title to better reflect the actual Q&A
  • kmullingskmullings Member ✭✭
    Operating system Windows 10. In Settings, Time & Language, Language, top of window lists Windows display language. Mine is English (United States) which seems correct & it is but further down the window under heading "+ Add a language". I had both (United States) & Canadian) listed. The default app language here was "English Canadian" . This one had to be changed to English (United States) as the Default app language.
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