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How do I get rid of the subscription renewal reminder and message block

This is more of a rant than a question, but I don't know where else to post. I've been using Quicken (Home & Business) since 1999. At some point I tried the financial institution automatic transaction download, but could never get the tax categories to fill properly so stopped that. Also used BillPay for a while, but found that my bank(s) service was easier to use and free. So I don't really need any of the online services, and I don't want a copy of my financial data on the cloud. I think that I'm better at securing my data, and I don't use Quicken from my phone.
I realize that I'm a tech dinosaur, but I was also a system designer and programmer for 50 years, and am used to doing system maintenance on my own. I also find that entering transactions manually, which takes me 30-45 minutes a week, helps me keep better watch on my accounts to check for fraud and mistakes.
Since converting to the subscription service, I have had a problem with saving manually entered transactions, which I reported previously. I was told that my installation to the E: rather than default C: drive (another geeky habit) caused the problem and that I could just uninstall and reinstall. Since backing up after entering transactions and restoring before the next cycle solves the problem, I have not tried that solution.
Since my subscription expired on 1/5/20, I have been receiving a reminder in the app along with a window that takes up a lot of room saying much the same thing. I don't really need any of the features that I'm losing, and don't want to pay for them. I've considered reverting the the Intuit 2015 version, which was what I was using when I converted, but would rather not spend the time that it would inevitably take. I understand your need for a subscription service to support ongoing product development, but is there any way that long-time users like me could pay for the basic PC app without all the bells and whistles? Or is there at least a way to disable the annoying messages?
Thanks for listening.


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