Trying to SIgn Up for Quicken BIll Pay -- no longer sure this is a good idea.

Seeking advice. I have been trying to sign up for Quicken BIll Pay since mid-December. Mostly just waiting for them to do their "processing". Today I received an email that they want me to submit copies of a check, Social Security Card, Drivers License, and Utility Bill. Why they wait 30 days to ask for this is pretty amazing -- if it is needed, it should be asked as part of initial sign-up.

BUT what was truly shocking is that they want me to send this to them via unsecure normal email. I might as well just post this info on a hacker's website. AMAZING. This is asking for identity fraud. I would expect that they would have a secure document upload website if they want this information submitted. But no, they want it via normal email.

So now I'm thinking that this is not an organization that I think is safe to do business with. Seems like a very shoddy service.

Am I missing something?

Using Q2020 WIndows 10 (lastest updates on both)


  • Greg_the_GeekGreg_the_Geek SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Check to see if your bank offers bill pay.
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  • RobertRobert Member ✭✭
    > @Greg_the_Geek said:
    > Check to see if your bank offers bill pay.

    My Bank (Schwab) offers good free bill pay which I've been using forever. But it requires an extra step for each bill. Reconcile in Quicken and then log onto Schwab and enter the payment info. Trying to get rid of this step.

    I know some banks can do this directly (like Chase), but trying to avoid signing up for yet another account and Quicken advertising free Bill Pay with their subscription. Just doesn't seem like a professional operation......
  • RobertRobert Member ✭✭
    I'm not the only one thinking using unsecured email is a bad idea:

    I did email Quicken Support and Quicken Bill Pay asking for a secure upload process. Quicken Support sent me a secure email telling me to send it via regular email to their secure email address. They clearly don't understand the concern at all.

    However Quicken Bill Pay also responded (using normal unsecure email) with a link to a secure upload site from their parent company (FIS). This looks like a good secure process. I'm just flabbergasted that this isn't their standard process. If they were a real financial institution, their unsecure process would get them noticed by Federal regulators.
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