Paycheck Bug: tax lines disappear

I'm using Quicken Deluxe version R23.21, build on a fully patched Windows 10 OS. I setup a new recurring paycheck for my new job, and I entered the basic line categories (Salary, Fed Tax, Soc Sec, Med, and State Tax.) On my first paycheck, my company forgot to deduct Fed Tax, so in the first register entry I want to remove that line. When I click "Delete" on that line item, other tax lines are also removed from the register entry. I verified the software is installed correctly, and I used Validate & Repair on the data file, but the error still occurs *AND* it is repeatable - I can replicate for Support if they want to contact me.


  • Roger M
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    When that happens, I just leave the line there, and enter $0.00.
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  • Hi Roger M - thanks for the quick response, and that would be ok except those zero dollar entries mess with my reporting and I'd instead prefer to remove the lines.
    As of this writing, I also discovered a similar problem on my wife's paycheck entry, but in a different way: tax lines are removed when I delete several post-tax deduction lines. In this use case, I built the recurring paycheck entry with 15 deduction lines for all possible deductions and then keep only those lines which are relevant to each paycheck (i.e. deleting the uneeded lines.)
    This was never a problem before, I believe it started occurring in late 2019, somewhere between Oct and Dec.
  • Roger M
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    @Pablo ElAviador Yes, I understand. But, to me, at least, the $0 entry is a lot easier to deal with than having to delete paycheck lines, and then add them back in later. The less revisions made to the paycheck template, the better.
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  • @Roger M I appreciate your comments, thanks. The way I have the automatic paycheck setup is so the paycheck has all of the lines when it's added to the registry by the scheduler, then I only need to remove lines where needed. I also agree with you there are work-arounds, but they are just that.
    For the annual fee we pay to Quicken for this software subscription, I expect they address this issue and improve their code reviews.
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    Hello @Quicken Sarah,
    May I ask that you help me raise this issue with Quicken technical support? I've searched through the community and I see others reporting issues with paycheck entries and I suspect this bug might be related.
    @Pablo ElAviador