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I have checking accounts with Fidelity, which are categorized incorrectly under investments

When setting up my brokerage, IRA and checking accounts with Fidelity, all the accounts fall under the "Investments" area of my accounts (but when I set up a wells fargo checking account, it falls under "Banking". I can not seem to change my Fidelity checking account from "Investment" to "Banking". It belongs in my opinion under "Banking".

Why doesn't quicken for Mac allow the changing of account by Type to something other than brokerage, IRA, 401K, Other?


  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Wells Fargo is a bank.  It CAN offer checking accounts.
    Fidelity Investments is an Investment Firm/Brokerage.  By LAW it cannot offer a "checking account".  What it can do, however, is offer the ability to write "Share Drafts" against your Money Market Fund.  To most people this is the same thing, but legally it isn't.
    SO, your Fidelity account ("checking", brokerage, IRA, etc) IS an Investment account.
    What you can do, however, is to change how the account is displayed in Q. 
    Do TOOLS, Account List and click EDIT adjacent to the account.  Click "Display Options" tab at the top of the dialog and change the Account "Intent".
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  • John_M
    John_M Member ✭✭✭✭
    NotACPA – your solution appears to be applicable to the Windows version only. The Mac version does not appear to have this option unless I'm missing something.
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