Hide Accounts in "Calendar Accounts" Form

My suggestion would be to add a column of check boxes to the "Manage Hidden Accounts" Form. Check boxes in this row would hide accounts in the "Calendar Accounts" Form.

The reason for this is I have almost 30 accounts that are no longer active and no need to view them in the Calendar View. I often switch between switch the calendar view between two of my accounts. One is near the top, the other is near the bottom and takes quite a bit of scrolling to get there. Would be really nice to shrink this list to only the accounts that we want to view there.
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  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are these "almost 30 accounts" closed at the bank?
    If yes, mark these accounts closed in Quicken.
    Theoretically, that is supposed to hide their names from Entry Lists.
    You can also rename these accounts from, e.g., "ABC Bank Checking" to "~ABC Bank Checking". The ~tilde character sorts last in alphabetically sorted lists and makes the entries slip to the bottom of the list, making it less likely for them to be selected by mistake.
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