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  • Richard_Dill
    Richard_Dill Member ✭✭
    Is it really that difficult to add an additional button on the list of unmatched transactions that would "remove" the ones that were checked? It should be as simple as setting the flag that indicates the transaction is not matched to indicate the transaction(s) are matched.
  • Should be fixed if possible- but there are more pressing issues than this - but yes I would like it fixed
  • Nemleu
    Nemleu Member
    I've been using Quicken since 1992. Not being able to remove transactions from the "Manually Match Transactions" list is the only complaint I have. I have to agree with everyone, very frustrating.
  • balboamom
    balboamom Member ✭✭
    Since I have old transactions that are "unmatched", I have to go in to newly downloaded transactions and manually match since Quicken wants to match the newly downloaded transactions with the older unmatched transactions. This is very cumbersome!
  • figurefive
    figurefive Member
    It's kind of ridiculous something so simple to fix is still a problem. I'm screwed now. My bank recently merged with another bank. After resetting the online services connection for my checking account all the transactions that had previously been matched to transactions downloaded from the old bank are now available when I need to manually match a new transaction. I have an entire years worth of "unmatched" transactions that were all previously matched before the merger.
  • pgab
    pgab Member
    I came looking for a solution to this because it seems so obvious that I figured I must be overlooking the feature that surely is right in front of me.

    Please create a way to clear the list of unmatched transactions. It is an unnecessary nuisance every single time the window pops up.
  • Peggy S
    Peggy S Member ✭✭
    I would like to add my vote to this. It's so cumbersome to have to deal with new transactions that are matched to old transactions that need to be deleted from the list. My unmatched transaction list just keeps growing and growing.
  • jjbecksr
    jjbecksr Member ✭✭
    I believe a fix of this problem is well OVERDUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hal
    Hal Member
    Adding my vote as well!
  • Phil H.
    Phil H. Member ✭✭✭
    Add my vote. 
  • Phil Burton
    Phil Burton Member ✭✭✭✭
    I have two reasons for supporting this request.  Citibank has (again) screwed up downloads, so that 1-click downloading results in years, years of downloaded transactions.  If I "accept all" I am so royally screwed.

    Second, some credit card transactions never seem to get charged against my accounts.  I recently cleared out transactions going back to 2013!  Most were for small amounts, like for a burger and fries.

    However, however, simply deleting the transactions is only half the issue.  I can already set the Quicken screen to show only unreconciled transactions from a date range and delete them.  What we also need is a way to adjust the "opening balance" on a reconciliation process.  Maybe clearing out old transactions can be part of a reconciliation process.  I'll leave the details to the engineers.  :p
    Been using Quicken (and TurboTax) since DOS days in 1990s.
  • DoctorBrown
    DoctorBrown Member ✭✭
    I am simply appalled that something as fundamental as this has not been fixed. I've been fighting with this for the entire 20+ years I've been using Quicken. I used to be able to live with it by using the Right-click, Ctrl-Copy trick. But now even that does not work. It's these seemingly small quirks in the behavior of Quicken that make is very annoying and frustrating to use. I also tried to export, and re-import the 'unmatched' problem transactions in a QFX file thinking Q would see them as 'newly' downloaded transactions that might make them match. But NOoooo, Q doesn't see the 'new' transactions as matching transactions. This also used to work, but not any more.

    And to top it off, while I was trying this, after the import, more than another YEARS worth of transactions became 'unmatched'. (I'm really glad I backed it up just before trying this.) This is clearly another serious unintended consequence of whatever logic they used to justify breaking the Manual Match list behavior.

    This just goes to show that they don't seem to care about what we are trying to do by posting ideas or pointing out extremely problematic behavior of Quicken. So I'm not sure why we bother.
  • Phil H.
    Phil H. Member ✭✭✭
    Its frustrating that a simple thing like this gets second, third fourth place to some other cosmetic "enhancements" 
  • Phil Burton
    Phil Burton Member ✭✭✭✭
    It makes me wonder why I continue to subscribe to Quicken, when they are so unresponsive to user issues.
    Been using Quicken (and TurboTax) since DOS days in 1990s.
  • Phil H.
    Phil H. Member ✭✭✭
    This issue is a pain and it seems there are multiple entries with slightly different wording all on the same subject. Add my vote to getting it fixed

  • Franko
    Franko Member
    This issue causes downloaded transactions to be improperly assigned old (in some cases very old) dates. If not careful, they are mis-matched with the wrong date and the current transaction is "lost" and needs to be manually entered. This situation is not recognizable unless you are aware of the problem and paying attention.
  • Thenin
    Thenin Member
    How many votes to fix this issue is it going to take to get this issue resolved???? Geez, can you not see the level of frustration yet??? I agree 100% as this should have been resolved long ago!
  • I agree, please fix this issue.
  • jrf40
    jrf40 Member ✭✭
    Agree. I'm another long time user and have been wanting this fixed for years.
  • Phil H.
    Phil H. Member ✭✭✭
    I pan to use the link below to contact the President of QUICKEN. My theory is that if he was employee #4 then he should understand that customers ask for things and they should resolved!
  • Phil H.
    Phil H. Member ✭✭✭
    I had a phone call from Quicken today, and I can tell you that this "feature" (Removing Unmatched Transactions) is not going to be on the front burner so I plan to just live with it. 
  • Tomalt60
    Tomalt60 Member

    How about as a function under Validate and Repair - maybe allow transactions over 6 months old (x months) to be optionally cleared during a Repair. This problem is just building over time.

  • Phil H.
    Phil H. Member ✭✭✭

    Seems like an easy fix but Q'n seems to think it would be a new feature and then it ………. will not be a hot item on their work list