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Raymond James download problems again!

Fatal Error 400 when downloading from Raymond James in Quicken for MAC again. Need to get it fixed. Tax time is here!!


  • grayworms53
    grayworms53 Member ✭✭
  • Hokieinidaho
    Hokieinidaho Member ✭✭
    Having the same issue - except Quicken for Windows. Tried deactivating Raymond James Online services and reactivating and it says it didn't get enough info in the download to be able to set up the accounts.
  • lshap
    lshap Member ✭✭
    Same error here. I guess it's a monthly thing
  • Same here!
  • ganderva
    ganderva Member ✭✭
    Same here. I called RJ early this AM and they did not have reports of a problem. Called
    Quicken and had a 2 hour screen share with no success. I googled Quicken RJ and found a lot of reported problems. Called RJ and they said there was a problem at the Quicken end and a "ticket" was in for repair
  • I chatted with Quicken support and after telling them the error message (HTTP 400), here's what they told me:

    "In that case I’d need to ask you to give them a call. The connection method they use is managed by them directly

    They’ll check on their end and fix it or let you know if they’re having a problem. Currently we haven’t received reports from them"
  • ganderva
    ganderva Member ✭✭
    its working for me. 4:56pm
  • ganderva
    ganderva Member ✭✭
    Thanks to ever made the fix.
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