bills and income blank screen

When i opened quicken my bills and income page was blank, anyone experience this?


  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @hmday

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of this issue with the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    If you are still experiencing this behavior, may I ask, what version and release of Quicken are you using?

    If you haven't already, I would also recommend unchecking the "Combine Bills, Income & Transfer" option in the Edit menu > Preferences > Navigation option.

    Click OK to save the change, Quicken should then refresh and split the bills and income/transfers screens - the missing bills should reappear at this point, but please let us know if they are still missing.

    Open the Preferences menu again and recheck the "Combine Bills, Income & Transfers" option once again - the screen should refresh once more with the missing reminders now visible but please let us know how it goes.

    Thank you,

  • hmdayhmday Member ✭✭
    premier 2020 r24.11. I followed the steps you recommended. I am still left with a blank page. If you view my screen shot you will see there are no functions on the bill & income screen. I can not add or remove billers, see history or validate the billers.
    thanks for responding
  • hmdayhmday Member ✭✭
    interesting... the income and transfers are showing...that screen looks normal however the billers screen is blank without function buttons
  • hmdayhmday Member ✭✭
    Hi Sarah
    fyi...if i create a new quicken file, i am able to add my billers . If i open my previous quicken file, the billers show up on the bill and income tab. If i close quicken and reopen it the billers are gone as well as the bill view functions. However, the income and transfer view is still view-able with all the functions. See the attached views.
  • JennlanceJennlance Member
    I am having the same issue. It happened after the first update from Quicken after the first of the year. I spoke with Quicken help yesterday, he said my file is corrupted and can't be fixed. How did that happen?? The only way I can use my reminders is to click on the manage bills and income tab, but that is so annoying.
  • hmdayhmday Member ✭✭
    If I reinstall backups from December, the problem still exists. It consistently occurs after completing a one step up date of my US Bank accounts. When I reopen the file the Bill and Income page is blank. Validating does not report corruption. I cant seem to find an answer. I quit using the online Bill and Income feature.
  • hmdayhmday Member ✭✭
    Win 25.10 Premier....still cant seem to get this problem solved...when I open quicken my bill screen is blank (all the billers are missing) and the functions for adding, updating and managing billers is also missing. it is a blank screen! I have validated the file and it is not reported as corrupted. I have send a report to quicken...How do I get this fixed???
  • JennlanceJennlance Member
    This morning a new update was done by Quicken and suddenly all of my bills and income are back! They said it was corrupted or damaged when I called them. I just knew it wasn't, as it happened after an update that was done by them in early Jan. Hope everyone else gets this latest update (2/19/2020) and that it fixes the issue for you all also.
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